Hottest solid oxide fuel cell

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Solid oxide fuel cell

solid oxide fuel cell uses solid oxide as electrolyte. In addition to the characteristics of high efficiency and environmental friendliness, it has no problems such as material corrosion and electrolyte corrosion; At high working temperature, the high-quality waste heat discharged by the battery can be fully utilized, so that its comprehensive efficiency can be increased from 50% to more than 70%; Its fuel has a wide range of applications. It can not only use H2, but also directly use CO, natural gas (methane), any cable fault test coal vaporization gas, hydrocarbons, NH3, H2S, etc. as fuel. This kind of battery is most suitable for decentralized and centralized power generation

its working principle is shown in the following figure:

the fuel cell engineering center carries out the preparation of battery materials, studies the new structure and assembly technology of SOFC, and has supplied in large quantities for the basic application research of SOFC. Have mastered the preparation process of LSM cathode, Ni YSZ anode and high temperature sealing material. The preparation process of large-area Ni YSZ porous anode base film, loaded YSZ dense film and electrode film three in one for medium temperature SOFC was developed, and the thickness of loaded YSZ dense film was less than 10 μ m。 Medium temperature sa: please first check whether the power plug of the system is inserted into the socket accurately. Therefore, the power density of OFC at 800 ℃ reaches 0.15w/cm2. At present, the development of kW battery pack is under way


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