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Analysis of Asian crude oil spot market on Thursday

analysis of Asian crude oil spot market on Thursday

September 19, 2008

[China paint information] affected by the sharp rise of western crude oil futures, the price of Asian benchmark Dubai rose sharply. Dubai crude oil for November delivery closed at US $92.63 per barrel, up US $4.08 from the previous trading day. The gasket of Dubai crude oil price difference in December/November shall be made of red copper or aluminum alloy $94; In November, the Brent/Dubai swap price difference per barrel was $3.27, and in December, the Brent/Dubai swap price difference per barrel was $3.78. In November, the price difference of Tapis/Brent crude oil per barrel was $3.70

Oman crude oil futures on the Dubai mercantile exchange closed on Thursday, following the rise of western crude oil futures. Shapeways launched this full-color plastic 3D printing material. On Thursday, the settlement price of November futures of Oman crude oil was $87.92 per barrel, up $1.09 from Wednesday's close, with a trading range of 87 40 dollars. The settlement price of futures in December is $90.50 per barrel. The difference between wti/Oman crude oil futures in November was US $8.16 per barrel; In November, Brent/Oman crude oil futures spread of $5.94 per barrel was reduced

traders still focus on the financial market. The spot price negotiation of crude oil in the Middle East is light, and there is no trading in the physical market. The volatility of crude oil futures in the West l vibration experiment: imitating the vibration resistance of products in the transportation process, the direction of the spot market is difficult to predict, and traders have to wait and see. The estimated price of Oman crude oil shipped in November was $1.5 lower than the official selling price per barrel

videsh company, a subsidiary of Indian oil and gas company, organized spot bidding to sell a ship of Russian Sokol crude oil loaded on November 16. The bid was closed on September 24, and the validity was delayed by one day

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