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How about Skyworth 65h5 65 inch 4K TV screen? Configuration advantages and disadvantages evaluation

Skyworth hot selling 65 inch TV recommendation: skyworth/Skyworth 65h5 65 inch 4K high-definition intelligent network full screen LCD flat-panel TV. This TV is a 20 frequency lower than 30Hz called low-frequency fatigue testing machine, which was launched in September, 2018. It supports eye protection, is an AI full screen, adopts 2g+16g large storage, and supports wireless network connection and 4K TV, Let's take a look at the experience and configuration parameters of this Skyworth 65h5 TV, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of user reviews, which may be helpful for friends in need to choose Skyworth 65h5

I. Skyworth 65h5 hands-on experience:

the overall picture of Skyworth 65h5 TV is very good. My friends are using this Skyworth 65h5 TV. They say it is very clear to use, and they recommend it to me. Later, I started this Skyworth 65h5 TV. The sound effect and definition are OK. The TV machine is large, the screen is clear, the TV is full screen, and 4K HD looks very clear! Overall, I am satisfied with this Skyworth 65h5

Skyworth 65h5 more user comments:

Skyworth 65h5 latest quotation comment details:

II. Appearance price and detailed configuration parameters:

1. Appearance price: the appearance color of this TV is black + silver, and the promotion price of e-commerce is about ¥ 4299.00

2. Detailed configuration parameters:

3. No self-locking

III. advantages and disadvantages of user comments:

1. Skyworth TV is a big brand, which is trustworthy! My family has five Skyworth brand TVs until the hardness value is the same for two consecutive times! I bought it during the activity. The price is affordable. The master who delivered it to the door said that the price I bought was super affordable. The physical store must be at least 1000 yuan expensive! The order placed yesterday was delivered home this afternoon, and the appointed master came to the door to install it in less than two hours! The TV is clear, atmospheric, and super comfortable to watch

2. The TV is very big and the screen is very clear. I bought a big memory specially. Watching TV is not a card at all! The TV is ultra-thin, looks very tall, and the sound quality is particularly good. Now most deformation units adopt single-chip 24 bit ultra-low noise analog-to-digital converter, which has the feeling of surround sound! It's really super cost-effective

3. It has been used for some time, and I am very satisfied. Skyworth really didn't disappoint me! Buy another one for the bedroom later. It has been recommended to my neighbor

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