Top 4 of Beijing printing service industry in 2005

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2005 Beijing printing service industry inventory (IV)

the gap between Beijing's printing industry and foreign ports

number: there are less than 2000 printing enterprises in Beijing, 4000 to 5000 in Shanghai and more than 10000 in Guangdong. The number of printing plants in Beijing is equivalent to that in Gansu Province, which is at the middle and lower levels of the country

quality: the comprehensive quality of printing in Beijing has not been very good for a long time. In the past two years, with the efforts of many parties, more people have paid attention to the quality problem. However, in the 2005 national printing quality evaluation, the printing quality in Beijing ranked seventh in the country, which is inconsistent with Beijing's status as the capital and the political and cultural center of Beijing. There is a lot of room for Beijing to improve its printing quality

price: the printing price in Beijing is relatively higher than that in other regions in China, especially compared with the surrounding Hebei and southern cities. In Beijing, the color of the folio is about 20~25/color order, and the commercial rotation is 12~14/color order. However, in other provinces, the price of flatting machine is only 17~18/color order, and the rotation is even 8/color order. Low printing fees in other provinces, on the one hand, due to the low cost of printing manpower and land, on the other hand, there are many phenomena of shoddy printing. This has greatly affected the healthy development of Beijing printing

special rectification of Beijing printing in 2005

during the special rectification in 2005, the printing management departments at the municipal and district levels in Beijing jointly enforced the law 34 times, dispatched 10598 people, on average once every ten days, and 312 law enforcement personnel participated in the inspection each time. 7624 printing and reproduction enterprises were inspected, and each printing enterprise was inspected 4 times on average throughout the year. A total of 154 printing and reproduction enterprises were investigated and dealt with, with an average of 1 in every 13 printing enterprises being investigated and dealt with by the management department. Among them, 28 were ordered to suspend business for rectification, 67 were warned, 42 were rectified within a time limit, 10 underground printing dens were destroyed, a fine of 1.72112 million yuan was imposed, 1724 million yuan of illegal income was confiscated, 287000 illegal books and 12000 pages were confiscated, 10 sets of printing equipment, 192 printing plate molds and 41 sets of films were confiscated, and 2 people were transferred to judicial organs for criminal investigation

industry management is becoming more and more strict. However, irregularities are still common. The data shows only a part of the actual situation. While strictly standardizing the laws and regulations, how to implement the laws and regulations more effectively; How to realize self-regulation and realize the harmonious and healthy development of the individual and the industry as a whole is an important issue closely related to the interests of every practitioner in the industry

future development plan of Beijing printing

at the end of 2005, the publishing administration put forward the development idea of "globalization, specialization and personalization" of Beijing printing. Build Beijing into a competitive and affinity printing and reproduction service port integrating printing and reproduction, technology research and development, consumables agency, logistics distribution and information dissemination, and serve the development of Beijing's culture and economy, which account for more than 1/3 of vehicle materials, and the overall progress of society. Everyone should believe that Jinan's financial strength serves well

"internationalization" is completely in line with international standards

only by integrating the production, sales and service of "specialized" high-tech manufacturers can customers be assured of the rapid development of the industry

"personalized" Beijing printing has its world leading and unique characteristics

conclusion: there are still many things that can be counted in Beijing printing in 2005. Due to the space, you can't say everything without saying anything. It is an ordinary year, but it is also a connecting link between the past and the future. We continue to save and grow in the ordinary, with a view to the rising sun of tomorrow

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