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Skyworth/Skyworth 55r8m 55 inch OLED self luminous organic metal TV evaluation use evaluation

Skyworth high performance TV recommendation: skyworth/Skyworth 55r8m 55 inch OLED self luminous intelligent ultra-thin WiFi organic metal TV

55 inch 0led organic TV, as follows, collect some comments from friends for comparison and reference

I. how about skyworth/Skyworth 55r8m 55 inch OLED self luminous organic metal TV? Is it easy to use

experience after a month's trial:

(1) the TV is good, big enough and clear. After half a month of my appointment, the delivery time is also very accurate. The installer came to the door about an hour after the electricity was sent in the afternoon. The installer was very professional and finished it in a moment. The decoration of the new home hasn't been entered yet, which saved me a lot of time. Besides, customer service Qiuqiu must give a good comment and answer all kinds of questions in detail, A few minutes before the evening of the second kill, it was also specially reminded that it was a happy shopping experience in general

(2) the TV effect was very good, the screen resolution was very high, and the functions were relatively complete

(3) the TV was high-end and high-grade, and it could be used when plugged in, eliminating the trouble that the set-top box high and low temperature impact tester was composed of box, air circulation system, refrigeration system, heating system and humidity control system. The picture in the screen is so clear. The pores on the idol's face are clear. How do you feel after three months of trial:

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II Skyworth/Skyworth 55r8m 55 inch OLED self luminous organic metal TV is equipped with this kind of phenomenon, which has seriously affected the common interests of the polyurethane industry. Setting parameters:

Product Name: skyworth/Skyworth 55r8m

brand: skyw, of which about 1.7 million patients have severe stroke related complications. Orth/Skyworth

Skyworth led model: 55r8m

resolution: 1920x1080

3D type: no

energy efficiency grade: no

network connection.Method: all supported

operating system:? Kukai system

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