Manufacture of the most fire tube packaging bag

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The invention discloses a method and a device for forming and filling a tube containing products. The filling process starts from the longer side of the tube rather than the shorter side. An extended product delivery pipe (310) contains a product diversion device (316) for 20000 new enterprises per day to evenly distribute products, which can complete the cleaning and sealing in a shorter time. An optional vibrating device (318) helps with the rapid placement of the product at the same time. Compared with the existing technology, the throughput is improved, and it is also conducive to unpacking and marketing

[sovereignty] 1 A product conveying pipe for vertical forming, filling and sealing machinery is characterized in that the cross section of the product conveying pipe has opposite first and second sides, and the first and second sides are generally parallel; And the surgical mask also includes a circular first and second end faces connecting the first side and the second side

can significantly reduce the friction coefficient of the film

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