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Manroland in the Chinese market is the world's largest supplier of rotary offset printing machines, with a history of 155 years. Since 1985, more than 300 newspaper printing machines of various types have been provided to 62 printing machine users in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. It can be said that China's well-known newspaper printing plants are currently using Manroland's printing equipment

as the market leader of newspaper printing machines, Roland has offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Shenzhen, China, employing a total of more than 200 staff and establishing business relations with Chinese users. Roland has invested so much in the Chinese market that it has successfully occupied about two-thirds of the market share of Chinese newspaper printing equipment. Manroland printing machine manufacturing company has become the real leader in the Chinese printing machine market, which also shows that the investment is beneficial and successful

MAN Roland's success lies not only in that the company has occupied the Chinese newspaper printing machine market, but also the sheet fed offset machine market. In the three years from 1999 to 2001, MAN Roland successfully doubled the share of its sheet fed offset press in the Chinese market. In addition, MAN Roland plans to increase its business volume in China by 50%

why can MAN Roland successfully create such a miracle in China's printing market? The reason lies in MAN Roland's internal and external skills

first, Roland has long targeted the Chinese market

China has a population of 1.3 billion, and is currently the most populous country in the world. Therefore, China has a huge market potential, especially in the print reader market. China's newspaper printing industry is one of the largest newspaper printing industries in the world. Since 1999, China has been closely ranked among the countries with the largest material consumption

it is not enough to have a large population. Correspondingly, purchasing power is also a key factor. China's economy continues to grow rapidly at a high rate, avoiding rats' easy access to or climbing pipelines in other countries in the world, which has continuously improved people's living standards and is developing from a well-off to a well-off society, leading to a substantial increase in people's demand for newspapers and magazines, which further stimulates people to increase investment in improving printing capacity and printing quality to meet the expected market demand

secondly, MAN Roland's advanced printing machine technology is the key to its success.

MAN Roland took the lead in launching the advanced pecom printing machine control system, so the company maintains a leading position in the technical field and lays a foundation for the further development of the printing industry. Pecom printing machine control system is an automatic data management system. Its function is to optimize the printing production process and further improve the efficiency of printing production. The system adopts electronic and computer control technology, combines printing control, production organization and production management, adopts a language that is easy for the operator to read, displays the nature of the monitored object, and the driving software that can always be upgraded, so as to ensure the progressiveness of the offset press development

pecom system is used to automate the printing process, control the printing machine and transmission system, display various adjustment systems during operation, monitor, remote control, and remote control and diagnosis, which makes the work convenient and fast, and greatly improves the production efficiency

third, MAN Roland's successful sales strategy

MAN Roland's sales strategy should start from its sales performance. Let's take a look at its sales performance:

MAN Roland's first Roland 710 ten color group printer sold in the Chinese market was installed in Minsheng printing group in 1999. The group is headquartered in Hong Kong and its production site is located in Dongguan, Guangdong. Its business scope includes paper bags, envelopes, greeting cards, small stationery gifts, etc. Later, Minsheng group imported a Roland 706 printing machine, which is equipped with two double-sided printing units. In addition, the number of Roland 700 printing units has reached 46, plus a Roland 202 unit, a complete pecom printing machine control network system and two mult CCL 2D control systems. As a result, Minsheng printing group has become the largest sheet fed offset machine user of MAN Roland in Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong

the first Roland 710 printing machine with 5/5 format sold by Roland company in Asia is used by the printing factory of Hong Kong yongjingtang Co., Ltd. The machine was installed in May, 1998. Subsequently, the printing factory purchased a Roland 705 printing machine in 2000. Since then, people's Art/American Airlines/Meitong printing group company, Humen color printing company, Shanghai Jielong color printing company, Zhongshan Zhongrong and Xing Printing Group Co., Ltd. have successively purchased Manroland's sheet fed printing machines, and they have become very important users of Manroland's sheet fed printing machines

Roland's sales performance is based on its successful sales strategy. It is not difficult for us to understand from the words of Dr. man Shilong, chairman of Roland China. He said: "Manroland will continue to work hard to undertake the company's business in the Chinese market and continue to invest in the basic work in the region. In the process of working towards this goal, Manroland will regard itself as a partner in China's printing industry. While talking with Chinese users for a long time, Manroland will regard providing Chinese users with better printing solutions, completing printing business and doing a good job in user technical services as its goal." Manroland always takes strengthening the communication with Chinese users as its own responsibility, and strives to provide users with the best printing scheme, think what users want, and guarantee technology and services. This is the key to success

fourth, opportunities bring benefits to the greater development of the market.

Roland printing machine manufacturing company is good at grasping the opportunities to enter the Chinese market

first of all, Roland is the first company to enter the Chinese printing equipment market. She has successful sales experience in the Chinese market, which has laid the foundation for today's sales performance. In the current sales year, Roland China has achieved sales of 400million Deutsche marks, accounting for about 10% of the total sales of Roland printing machine manufacturing company. In the export business of MAN Roland company, such sales make China the second largest printing machine sales market after the United States

moreover, China's accession to the world trade organization will definitely lead to a substantial increase in the demand for printing equipment in the Chinese market in the next few years. In terms of newspaper printing, many newspaper pages have increased significantly, some expanded, some expanded, and some added color pages. In terms of magazines, due to the large amount of investment from overseas and the increase in the number of joint ventures between Chinese and foreign printing manufacturers, as well as the growing demand of users for high-quality magazines and other prints, printing manufacturers are required to adopt advanced printing technology and high-quality web offset printing machines to meet this demand. 2. Accelerate the promotion of intelligent transformation. For Manroland, its digital printing system DICO can quickly meet the needs of the printing market and achieve real "on-demand printing". As for China's entry into the WTO, the goal of selling to the Chinese market set by Gerd finkbeiner, chairman of MAN Roland company, is to increase its market share in China to 15%. Confirmed by the headquarters of MAN Roland company, this is a very practical number of impact experimental cryometers

MAN Roland company is full of confidence in China's future printing market while maintaining both internal and external skills. No wonder man Shilong, chairman of MAN Roland China company, said in his new year's greetings: "the Chinese market is active, and the printing industry should also grow. Competition will be strengthened. In the long run, companies that pay attention to modern management, high-quality equipment and good customer service will be the final winners." Now, they are preparing to strengthen communication with Chinese users and provide the best printing scheme to all users. Roland has a bright future in China's printing market

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