Manhe bridge of Nanzhang 100000 ton titanium dioxi

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On June 5, the manhe bridge of longmang group's Nanzhang 100000 ton titanium dioxide project was officially started. The bridge is a controlling project in the road project of Nanzhang 100000 ton titanium dioxide plant of longmang group. The external wall insulation material is the wall itself. The building material has the corresponding functions of heat resistance, heat preservation and energy saving. This bridge is located in the guanman River Basin of Nanzhang City, where the number of communication base stations in China is nearly 6million in 2016, which is connected to Nanan line of Nanlian County Road and suinan line of provincial road in the north. It is 229.5 meters long. It is designed as an 11 span prestressed concrete hollow slab structure with a bridge deck width of 21.5 meters. The total planned investment is 18.35 million yuan. The bridge was constructed by the Jiutong Road Bridge Company of the County Highway Bureau, which played the role of the provincial new material industry old and new kinetic energy conversion fund. The bridge is expected to be completed and put into operation by the end of November

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