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Production and transformation of simple uncoiler for steel barrel coil

for metal packaging enterprises that use a lot of thin sheet coil, the uncoiling equipment used except for a small number of highly automated shearing units, while a considerable number of enterprises still use very simple uncoiling devices, such as crane loading and unloading, automobile transportation, gantry hoist uncoiling support frame, wrench centering and traction uncoiling, etc. These methods have the problems of cumbersome operation, low efficiency and high risk. Even though some enterprises later introduced shear units, they were unable to realize flow operation due to plant conditions, which still affected production efficiency. When solving this problem, our metal packaging company fully considered the use of the original gantry crane, and made and transformed the uncoiler respectively, and achieved good results

I. structure of mobile simple uncoiler

1. Electrically driven four-wheel travel mechanism (Figure 1)

select the appropriate motor and reducer according to the weight and travel speed of the coil, drive one of the four wheels through the chain, and make the uncoiler travel at a uniform speed on the light rail. The quality of the uncoiler frame should be stronger according to the coil weight, which plays a role in walking stability when the uncoiler is working

2. Two way four wire screw adjusting support mechanism (Fig. astm-d6421)

there are three aspects to consider when using two-way screw adjusting support: one is to better decompose gravity, which is conducive to improving the stability in the uncoiling process; Second, a few coiled materials may be deformed due to improper transportation, loading and unloading, placement and other reasons, which makes it difficult to deal with automatic hydraulic support or three line adjustment support, and the deformation of coiled materials can be handled by using two-way four line screw adjustment support mechanism; Third, the installation efficiency of the adjusting support should be improved and the operation should be simple

3. Four wire support structure with skid (Figure 2)

some enterprises use screw adjustment support structure to directly push one end of the screw onto the coil, which may cause damage to some plates and poor installation reliability of the adjustment support. The above problems can be avoided by using a suitable length of channel steel with a cushion wood in linear soft contact with the coil

4. The sliding bearing structure at both ends of the support frame (Fig. 3)

due to the intermittent feeding of coiled material during uncoiling and shearing, it is required to properly control the rotational inertia during uncoiling, that is, when the inertia is large, the sheet metal is easy to wrinkle and deform; When the inertia is small, the instantaneous load of the traction roller of the leveling machine is too large, but the insulation energy consumption for 50 years has far exceeded the cost saved in the early stage to damage the machine parts. Therefore, unequal circular sliding bearing structure is adopted at both ends of the support frame, that is, the inner diameter of the bearing bush is 20% larger than the outer diameter of the bearing sleeve, so as to achieve the purpose of buffering inertia. The sanitary condition of its shared items will become less ideal, and the bearing bush and sleeve can be replaced with quenched steel parts

II. Operation and use of mobile simple uncoiler

when it is necessary to uncoil the coil, start the gantry crane to hoist the coil near the light rail of the uncoiler, and then close the uncoiler to the gantry crane. Manually use the gantry crane to put the support frame into the center of the coil and conduct preliminary adjustment. However, after the high molecular polymer has the mechanical properties with the widest range of variability among all known materials, hoist the coil to the uncoiler to fine adjust the center of gravity, Then turn the uncoiler to the corresponding position with the leveler, and then the coil can be uncoiled

we feel that for metal packaging enterprises with poor economic conditions, using this uncoiler with the original leveling machine, plate shears, fixed length conveyors, storage platforms, etc., we can form a relatively complete and economical cutting unit. (GT)

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