Manitowac became an independent crane company on M

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Manitowac became an independent crane company on March 4

manitowac became an independent crane company on March 4

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on March 4, 2016, horse computer can read the data block. The nitowac crane department was officially separated from manitowac food department and became an independent company. Manitowak crane Department has a long history and has established a good working relationship with employees, which will fully realize its potential as an independent crane company

manitowac company will follow its own well-known new material enterprises' keynote speeches, plans and routes on relevant innovative products and technical solutions, and focus on the principle of "manitowac way" - focusing on supporting the development of our customers, shareholders and employees

we have the potential to achieve growth and continuous success, but we still need to go all out. We will focus on our daily responsibilities, and continue to provide our customers with products of better quality than before, so as to improve the efficiency of all our business processes (including manufacturing processes). This is the most critical element of our progress. We will also focus on our shareholders. The sample information operators can enter manually and provide them with a return method that allows us to continue to invest in the future

we will bring tangible benefits to our customers, dealers, investors, partners and employees. Our story has just begun, and we will strive to build a better future. Let's show the industry and customers ourselves and why we are the best crane manufacturer in the world

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