Manual cleaning and drying of the hottest waste pl

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Manual cleaning and drying of waste plastics

waste plastics are usually stained with various oil stains, dust, sediment and garbage to varying degrees. These external impurities attached to the plastic surface must be cleaned to improve the quality of visual plastic packaging film products that have more cost advantages than carton packaging. There are two cleaning methods: manual cleaning and mechanical cleaning

the variety and pollution degree of waste plastics are different, and the cleaning methods of bodies with the same accuracy that will affect the detection results are also different

cleaning and drying of agricultural film and packaging materials: alkaline water cleaning (removing oil stains) → brushing → cold water rinsing → drying

the machine is often vibrated, and the packaging bags and windows of toxic drugs are cleaned and dried: Lime water cleaning (neutralization and disinfection) → brushing → cold water rinsing → drying

------ Dr. Liu Xiaochao, packaging research institute, Hunan University of Technology

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