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There is a big difference between man Roland printcom pudekang printing materials

printing machine manufacturing, which understands the needs of customers, and ensuring the efficient operation of printing machines. However, through the certified printcom pudekang printing materials that are compatible with the process, MAN Roland easily realizes the manufacturing of high-quality printing machines and ensures their efficient operation

in order to generate economic benefits, obtain the best printing quality and meet the delivery deadline, system component inspection is a very important but often neglected key factor. For example, can the printing ink meet the requirements of offset printing process standard (PSO) certification? Can the manual hydraulic universal material testing machine operate in production? Will high-end blanket be better than cheaper blanket for a certain kind of printing? Will the selected cleaning agent affect the printing preparation time? How many materials are needed to ensure the success of new applications? With the emergence of new products and more changes, there are many detailed questions that not every material supplier can easily answer. Manroland has long recognized that printing enterprises can benefit from the use of materials that meet various production requirements. This has nothing to do with whether the requirements of the system supplier are compatible with the process technology, but purely for economic reasons. But one thing is clear: if appropriate components are used in production, the downtime of the printing press due to the use of inappropriate materials is almost completely eliminated

printcom pudekang printing materials have been verified in the laboratory, rather than being tested by customers.

printcom department is one of the four departments of Manroland printvalue printing value service series products, and has been providing users with high-quality printing materials compatible with the process for 15 years. Printcom putekang printing materials works with partners to develop printing materials that are compatible with the process, and through a large number of tests, these printing materials can reach a marketable level, such as the best coordinated Roland inlinefolder online cold stamping device package material, or the gloss used for Roland inlineimpress online embossing process. The printing technology center, Roland R & D department, or the printing city alliance provide technical support. Contrary to most dealers, printcom pudekang printing materials are independent in the selection of products, because Manroland cooperates with many manufacturers around the world, covering almost all product groups. Tested by chemists, physicists, engineers, printing technicians, electromechanical engineers, and electrical engineers, the products should be replaced, taking into account the legislation or standards of specific countries. Through the audit and certification of partners, the reliable quality and good reproducibility of products are ensured. Printcom pudekang printing materials products are compatible with the printing systems of different manufacturers, and ensure the best performance of the printing machine. There is no doubt that all the printing materials in this series are compatible with the materials used in the manufacturing process of the printing press, which reduces the need for maintenance and even reduces the operation of replacing defective parts to an absolute minimum

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printcom Department collected detailed experimental data. The application fields and customer requirements are recorded and compared across departments: this forms a knowledge ocean beneficial to existing and new customers. This allows a printcom consultant to provide printing enterprises with ideal printing materials to meet their needs to cope with the changing situation. After all, experts have an overall understanding of all kinds of materials, and know which kind of printing materials can meet the needs of customers. When a new printing machine is delivered, the primary plastic products, such as water bottles and diapers printing company, will receive a machine adjustment kit for the company's specific production requirements and application fields. It usually includes 40 products for printing workshops and prepress production. The popularity of Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era gold testing instrument Co., Ltd. in the market is well known, which can speed up the speed of machine adjustment. When local help is needed, printing enterprises can also benefit from the extensive support provided by the printcom department through specially trained printing technicians on all continents

conduct regular tests in the laboratory of Manroland to ensure that the quality of printcom pudekang printing materials is consistent with the system components

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