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Manitowac and nibm expand the Belgian crane market

manitowac and nibm expand the Belgian crane market

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Guide: manitowac and nibm signed a new distribution agreement, indicating that the two companies will jointly carry out business in Belgium. Will North interviewed the two companies and discussed the deal in Belgium and their plans. It seems that Belgium is indeed a delicate market. From 2010 to 2011, most of them

manitowac and nibm have signed a new distribution agreement, indicating that the two will jointly carry out business in Belgium. Will North interviewed the two companies and discussed the deal in Belgium and their plans

it seems that Belgium is indeed a delicate market. This country, which had no government for most of the period from 2010 to 2011, actually recovered from the economic crisis faster than its European neighbors, and some large engineering projects are being carried out in the construction market. This is good news for the lifting industry

Christophe simoncelli, deputy director of Western European sales, manitowac, said: "Belgium is currently a delicate market and one of the most active markets in Europe. It has not been hit by the economic crisis like the Netherlands, so the crane fleet needs to be updated. We see that the crane business in most European countries is declining, while in Belgium, all businesses are growing. I believe our market share in Belgium has greatly increased."

nibm, located in the Netherlands, used to be the dealer of Botan, and has carried out leasing business around the world for 40 years

Jean Marc desmolles, general manager of nibm, said, "nibm was once a part of Zwaans in the Netherlands and operated construction equipment and marine equipment all over the world. It represented different brands, including Liebherr brand in Saudi Arabia and poten brand in the Netherlands. In the 1960s, Henri Gehlen was the commercial director of Zwaans. The company was finally liquidated by Zwaans and bought by Henri Gehlen to create nibm (Dutch construction machinery industry) company

"nibm's business mainly has two main lines: acting as an agent for Toyota's forklift in industry; acting as an agent for products of Botan, Amway Mach and other companies in civil engineering equipment. About seven years ago, Henri Gehlen retired, and its sons GID and Hans took over the company. GID is responsible for the tower crane business, and Hans is responsible for Toyota's Forklift business. It seems that Toyota has a unique love for industrial equipment, and will eventually take back the business.

"So now nibm focuses on tower cranes and self-contained tower cranes." In terms of aerial work platforms and construction elevators, we should regularly adhere to whether the screws in various parts are stable, and also sell scanclimber brand

mother of invention

the Belgian construction industry adopts a different method for the construction of concrete from others. Concrete does not need to be cast in situ, and many buildings are built with precast concrete components. The difficult ground conditions in many rural areas have prompted the tower crane company to adopt some innovative construction methods

Desmolles said, "the Dutch market is very special, with very poor ground conditions and a large amount of sandy land. The construction trend is mostly low-rise buildings and bungalows. Ni accounts for more than 50% of the total sales. BM adopts self-contained tower cranes installed on the crawler chassis, which also promotes the installation of Botan GME series tower cranes on the crawler chassis.

"The labor cost of the Dutch market is quite high, so it is ahead of other European countries in the application of large tonnage cranes. We also provide large tonnage cranes to industry. This kind of ceramic fiber materials are installed and used through magnets and iron oxide. In one project, we provide six large tonnage cranes for the installation of oil tanks. Such a large project is worth 9million euros, and it takes two years in advance to make preparations." that 's ok. "In the Erasmus project in Rotterdam, we used two Botan MD 1100 tower cranes, which are the largest in the series. This is our investment in this project, and of course, they can also be used in other projects in the world. Such a crane with an average price of 1.5 million euros is absolutely invisible in the conventional rental market in Europe.

simoncelli of manitowac said: "Belgium is now a distinctive market and one of the most active markets in Europe."

"nibm has also developed fixed brackets that can be used repeatedly. Generally, these brackets are left in the concrete when the crane is removed. Nibm's system is designed to leave only the cheapest parts in the concrete, while other parts can be reused.

"This is the main advantage of nibm, namely, project preparation and implementation, internal and external climbing cranes and bridge construction. It is very important to establish a good relationship with users, which we call 'pre-sales service'. Plastic materials rely on their performance advantages. For large companies, nibm can follow them to projects all over the world. We can provide our professional services anywhere."

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