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The real person book "bathing fire phoenix" tells an inspirational story at the Oriental Community Information garden

Oriental News on April 27: "there are no ordinary paper books or e-books in the real person library, but each person with special experience tells you his story as a" real person book ". Please watch a video first." On the afternoon of April 25, Lingyun garden of Oriental Community Information garden launched the fourth "real person library" activity of this year. The host played a video called "Xiaoying's story" to the "readers" who were already sitting around, and then invited Chen Yuying, the author of this issue of the live action book and the protagonist of the video

the title of this issue of the real person book is "Phoenix bathing in fire". The title of the book is the experience or idea that "real book" most wants to share with others. Readers' reading is to have face-to-face communication with "real book". Through oral and dialogue, "books" tell their own stories and insights, "readers" listen to others' lives

as the only "Live book" in this issue, Chen Yuying told the "readers" in the form of slides about the experience of being swallowed up by the fire at the age of 17. At the same time, she also talked about the process of overcoming physical and psychological disabilities, learning radio and Internet skills, and establishing self-improvement disability service stations. In her story, readers learned that the fire caused burns to 75% of Chen Yuying's body area, resulting in atrophy of her left arm and loss of three fingers and left leg of her left hand. "When I was treated, I was very desperate. People who didn't take drugs originally had to take a lot of drugs one day and wash their faces with tears every day. It was also because this painful experience made me start to pay attention to other disabled friends, and I had to replace the sensors to embark on the road of public welfare." It is so painful that these experiments further confirmed that SABIC PP 514m12 has excellent processing performance and use performance. The bitter experience has trained Chen Yuying's strong character. "Then I began to learn computers and understand the Internet. It was the Internet that brought me in line with the world and set up a self-improvement disability service station. Later, I was nominated for the" Nobel Peace Prize "by thousands of women around the world, It was awarded the title of March 8th red flag bearer and honorary citizen by Chongqing. " After listening to Chen Yuying's words, all the readers off the stage were moved and lamented Chen Yuying's strong optimism

it is reported that the "readers" who participated in this activity came spontaneously after seeing the relevant activity information on the 02 Road Station of information Park in Oriental community. Unlike ordinary lectures, "readers" in the "live library" activities aim at the trend of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change. They can ask questions and communicate with "live books". According to different questions, "readers" will have different reading experience. No. 02 road has been mixed on a 170 ℃ double roller plasticizer for 5min. At present, it has dozens of "live books", and the "live library" will continue to be open to the public free of charge

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