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Sany Heavy Lift Truck pre assembly class: a real man fighting a hard battle

Sany Heavy Lift Truck pre assembly class: a real man fighting a hard battle

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walking into the production workshop of Sany Heavy Lift Ningxiang Industrial Park, you can feel the strong atmosphere of "lean manufacturing" here. In this world's largest research and development base of wheeled cranes, skilled workers, clean workshops and modern flow are particularly suitable for the water line of high-temperature parts, which is impressive

Sany Heavy Lift Truck pre assembly team

in the roar of the machine, Cai Dezheng, the monitor of Sany Heavy Lift Truck pre assembly team, led the team members to be busy nervously. This team consists of 19 people, with an average age of 25 years old. It is mainly responsible for the pre assembly and commissioning of turntable, electrical and valve block hydraulic parts in the upper part of the crane, and undertakes the connection work of pre assembly of molds, valve blocks and rear boom frames in the front workshop. In 2016, this young excellent team was rated as the annual excellent team of the heavy lifting division with its impressive work performance

nervous and busy

80% of the hydraulic parts of the crane are distributed in the upper part. In the pre assembly process, the turntable, the number of lines, the cab, etc. are all very critical assembly points. There are many and important processes, and the process requirements are very high, which can be described as "harsh". "Each bolt must be aligned; another example is the process filter. We require that 10 times of cleaning must be completed before installation to achieve a 'chip free, dust-free' cleanliness." Caidecheng said that in order to meet the standards, the team set up a monitoring system, requiring that every steel plate and every hydraulic part be strictly cleaned in place. In addition, in order to enable new employees to master installation skills as soon as possible, new employees will repeatedly practice torque control with assistive devices after work every day to meet the accuracy requirements


highly flexible production is the guiding ideology of the "1035" plan of the pre assembly class: the biggest challenge to thoroughly implement the spirit of the "108th CPC National Congress" and the 3rd and 4th plenary sessions of the CPC Central Committee. Due to the increasing customized demand of customers, the production plan is also subject to adjustment at any time. "There are many models, drawings and quantities", which is the production situation that the pre assembly class often needs to deal with. From an 80 ton behemoth stc800c to a 12 ton Mini crane stc120c; From the main valve block with a weight of more than 2 tons to the screws with a minimum size of 6 mm and only the size of a needle eye, they called on the government to put down tariffs, and there were many kinds of sledgehammers. On the working face of the pre loading shift, more than 40 kinds of rubber pipes, 60 kinds of steel pipes and 40 kinds of screws are dazzling. However, the accumulated forging makes the team members handy in the face of these "difficult" jobs. Caidecheng said that at present, their team can complete a finished product in 30 minutes, and everyone can "touch the part model with their eyes closed"

In 2010, former Premier Wen Jiabao visited Ningxiang Industrial Park and personally cut the ribbon for the world's first 1000 ton all terrain crane independently developed by SANY. This matter has been deeply branded in CAI Decheng's heart. In the view of this young technical backbone, whether it is the towering image of a big country, or the high attention of national leaders, he is full of pride in his work. In his usual work, he also transferred this full positive energy to everyone in the team

rigorous and serious

since this year, the Sany crane market has been booming, and the supply of products exceeds the demand. The customers are anxious, the leaders are anxious, and the workers on the pre assembly shift are even more anxious. In the face of the tense "supply guarantee", the pre loading team on the train thought and worked hard, successfully completed one production task after another, and established a good image of "a team that dares to fight hard" in the whole company

work tools

in addition to completing daily production tasks, the pre loading class also spontaneously carries out professional skill training to create a good learning atmosphere and improve the professional skills of team members. There is a small blackboard in the team. The pre shift meeting is held in front of the blackboard every day. In addition to assigning tasks for the day, it is more about displaying and sharing everyone's work experience and learning experience, which will be transformed into the common wealth of team members. At the same time, the pre loading class also regularly held "quality reflection meetings" with the R & D department to jointly discuss the product quality improvement plan. Under the influence of this good atmosphere, many members of the team can make and understand drawings, and have become an important grass-roots innovation force of the division. Now, new crane R & D personnel will be arranged to come here for an internship for half a month to learn their craftsmanship spirit

bolt torque is just right

"products and processes are constantly changing. Only by continuous learning can we keep up with the development of the company." Liu Yunli, the teacher of the team, said. He has worked in this position for 7 years, and the bolt torque is just right after one shot

Sany craftsman spirit

in recent years, through technical innovation, the pre assembly team of the truck has successively completed four QC improvements, including "improvement of process filter coding", "improvement of assembly efficiency of self-made winch balance valve small steel pipe"; And actively cooperate with the R & D department to take the lead in rectifying the stc250s vehicle model, simplifying the process flow and reducing the cost by 100 yuan/set; In addition, caidecheng's suggestions on improving the rope stopper for the whole model of Sany crane have also been adopted and implemented, reducing the cost of this process by 9, thus requiring the equipped metering and mixing system to be within a suitable flow range of 0%, and the assembly efficiency has been increased by 90%, which can save more than 200000 yuan for the company every year

real man fighting a hard battle

from the successful offline of the first self-developed truck crane QY25, Sany Heavy Lift has always adhered to the development path of independent innovation, and has become a well deserved leader in China's crane industry. On the road of independent innovation, the pre loading class of the final assembly center is an outstanding example. From things to people, from output to quality, from the mental state of the operator to the excellence of every link, the pre loading class on the train is composing a wonderful chapter belonging to the contemporary Sany industry workers with youthful sweat, struggling passion and innovative excellence

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