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Real estate regulation greatly affects the future price trend of glass. The five national rules were implemented, and the price of glass fell sharply in the morning of the day. An authoritative person from Guangzhou futures research department was interviewed about this. They believe that both from the news level and from the technical level, glass futures prices are ready to enter a downward trend. For the glass industry that helps promote systematic governance, the demand for real estate accounts for more than 60% of its total demand, and the direction and intensity of real estate regulation greatly affect the future trend of glass prices

the implementation of the "five national rules" for real estate regulation and control, with heavy emphasis on high housing prices and investment speculation. Although some people believe that the housing transfer tax policy will stimulate the demand for first-hand housing, and real estate developers will also speed up investment in real estate development, thereby stimulating the demand for building materials commodities, this person believes that the degree of stimulation is restricted by factors such as the rental market and the price difference between second-hand house prices and new house prices after taxation, It will take time to track the changes in relevant market data

in the short term, the imposition of a 20% Housing transfer tax is a major negative impact on the real estate market, and will also have a great impact on the demand for building materials. Since the middle of December 2012, glass futures have been driven by the country's acceleration of the construction of new urbanization, rising all the way. The glass index rose from 1282 to 1615, an increase of 25%. Recently, due to the soaring housing prices in many parts of the country, the news that the state has stepped up real estate regulation again continues to spread, and the glass futures price also began to fall from the high level. However, due to the unclear policy and the strong support of the rising confidence in the spot market, the rising trend of glass futures price has not changed fundamentally. Until the implementation of the five national rules on March 1, a heavy blow to a fixture to fix high house prices and invest in speculative real estate speculation will also affect the demand for glass and other building materials, and the futures price trend may reverse. Zhonghua glass () Department

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