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Ordos real estate stagnation: once every family lent money, now every household collects debt

Ordos real estate stagnation: once every family lent money, now every household collects debt

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Guide: once, every family in Ordos lent money; Nowadays, every household in Ordos collects debts. People come and go. It's busy and lonely here. It is difficult to avoid that the stagnation of real estate and the sale of luxury cars are all the epitomes of the capital fracture dilemma in Ordos. So far, the idleness of per capita suites and the collapse of private lending

"once, every household in Ordos lent; now, every household in Ordos collects debts." People come and go. It's busy and lonely here. It is difficult to avoid that the stagnation of real estate and the sale of luxury cars are all the epitomes of the capital fracture dilemma in Ordos. So far, the idleness of per capita housing, the collapse of private lending and the heavy blow of the coal market are still in front of Erdos people. The "syndrome" caused by the "collapse" of private lending in Ordos has changed the life and mentality of Ordos people

push and refuse to collect the house again

"if you collect the house, you will have to pay a lot of taxes"

Aunt Wang, a citizen of Ordos, has much better insomnia now. Last year, when she learned that the money would not come back, Aunt Wang couldn't sleep all night. However, now she knows to comfort herself: "just treat this 500000 yuan as if she didn't earn it. Moreover, her friend who borrowed money also said that she doesn't have money at present, but she will get the house and car as her electronic skills unfold." Aunt Wang no longer expects the interest, but only the principal back. "In fact, we don't lack houses and cars. We just want cash." One of the key reasons why Aunt Wang hesitated to arrive at the house is that "now the house that pays off the debt has not been completed, and even the future house that has not been built, the risk is greater."

these days, Aunt Wang bought a three bedroom apartment in the center of Dongsheng District two years ago and notified her to accept it. However, she pushed it again and again. "After you collect the house, you have to pay a lot of taxes, tens of thousands. Now the money is tight, let's wait until after the year." Whether it's her new house or the house that pays off the debt, Aunt Wang said that the house price has always maintained the price around August. Although there is a price but no market, developers also want to pay off the debt with the house and have been carrying the price

the new house is dead.

"the rent has fallen thousands of miles, and it is not easy to rent if you cut your waist"

affected by the collapse of private lending, the development enterprise Mr. Yan worked for many years has closed down and is looking for a new owner. "The boss was originally a coal boss. He had no experience in entering the real estate market. Others owed him. He owed the project money again. Without making money, he dismissed us and went back to his old business."

Dong Xuan, who lives in Dongsheng District, told that there are two main situations in the property market in Ordos at present: one is that the property market was suspended at the beginning of the year and has not resumed work; In addition, it has not been opened this year due to the adoption of closed-loop automatic control. It was learned that in Erdos, a few buildings have become uncompleted residential flats due to complex debt relationships, and some projects are in a semi dead state. According to Dong Xuan, a few months ago, a project in Tiexi District launched two buildings at a preferential price of 3800 yuan/square meter, and they were sold out in half a day

statistics show that the real estate prices in the Tiexi District of Ordos range from 4000 yuan/square meter to 6400 yuan/square meter. The preferential housing sources mentioned by Dong Xuan are nearly 2000 yuan cheaper than the average price in the local area. However, since that time, the project has not launched any promotional activities, "perhaps the last promotion has helped developers get through the most difficult moment." Dong Xuan said

in sharp contrast to the real estate market, which does not cut prices, is the rental market in Ordos. In the past two years, the annual rent of ordinary two bedrooms in the core area of Dongsheng District of Ordos can reach about 50000 yuan, which is equivalent to the rent level of two bedrooms in the southwest Third Ring Road of Beijing. After the economic depression, the rent in Erdos fell sharply, and even "halved". The price of Aunt Wang's rental garage has fallen from 20000 to 10000 yuan, which is not very easy to rent

if you want to borrow money, you have to pay attention to learning

"you can't force it too hard. If you force it to death, there's nothing left!"

"once, every household in Ordos lent; now, every household in Ordos collects debts." Such a saying is spreading in the local area

among the debt collection team, Wu Ling is an experienced debt collector. "Many people went to fight illegal crimes and report cases, but many people didn't take that path, because they are good friends and will get along in the future." In Wu Ling's view, there is also knowledge to ask for debt, and we can't force the debtor too hard, "I'm dead!" We should also get together often, and understand each other from the standpoint of the other party while telling us our difficult situation. In this way, although the bulk of the money released did not arrive, the collection of 20000 yuan per month can also help Wu Ling offset the loan from the bank

a few years ago, Wu Ling and her husband, who had a stable job, also couldn't resist the temptation of making money. They mortgaged their two houses and lent the money borrowed from the bank to their friend Zhang Qiang (a pseudonym) to earn an intermediate interest margin. "In the months when the interest was cut off, the bank almost couldn't make money, and the bank had to sue. Now Zhang Qiang returns some money to us as soon as he wants to return it every month. Of course, there are some cases where he doesn't arrive in a few months, and we can only express our understanding. It's better than nothing at all."

began to buy bargains

"fewer people travel, and the lowest ticket can be discounted by 1.5"

the era of usury has faded, Erdos people have no interest money, and the habit of extravagance has obviously converged. For this reason, Xiaojuan, who likes shopping crazily, changed into a purchasing agent

"at work, many female colleagues in their 40s and 50s don't buy things on the Internet, but as long as you buy them back, they feel cheap and good quality, and they are willing to let people around them buy them on their behalf. Now they can help up to 50 colleagues buy pants on the Internet at one time, earning a hard fee of 8 yuan and 10 yuan. Everyone also recognizes that helping others is a better packaging option, which is profitable and quite good." Recalling that at the beginning, Juanzi told her that she used to buy pants of no less than 600 yuan a pair, but now there is nothing wrong with wearing 100 yuan a pair

because of the purchase, fewer people travel, and the discount range of air tickets also increases. Note that when booking tickets at Ctrip, qunar and other tourist stations, the minimum round-trip ticket in the next 10 days can reach 1.5% discount, while the original round-trip flights from Beijing to Ordos are rarely discounted, and you can't even grab a plane ticket at the peak

with the increase of shoppers in Ordos, the express industry has also developed rapidly in Ordos. Previously, a number of express companies stopped their direct business in Ordos because there were many pieces entering Ordos and few pieces were sent out. Recently, large private express companies, including SF, have restarted the express business to and from Erdos on November 1

the market found that

someone came to Erdos to inquire about the coal price

"the coal price increased by 10 yuan to 15 yuan compared with August"

"at present, the coal price is stable, medium and small, and also increased by 10 yuan to 15 yuan compared with August." Zhang Bin, who is engaged in the coal transportation industry, told me

in Zhang Bin's view, the coal industry should have passed the most difficult time. "From the beginning of the year to July, the coal price fell all the way, and the lowest price reached 420 yuan/ton. At that time, many coal middlemen lost money. Large enterprises also laid off staff, reduced or even cancelled the travel expense reimbursement of business travelers, and even dragged administrative staff to the scene to sell coal. The industry was terrible." Zhang Bin recalled that at that time, the raw rubber samples stored in the three major ports of Qinhuangdao were prepared according to the relevant provisions of gb/t15340. The maximum amount of coal reached 9.6 million tons, and its maximum capacity was only 9.8 million tons. "At that time, there was no land to unload coal by pulling coal trucks, and there was no ship to pull coal in the port."

by August, the coal industry had a turnaround. The landmark event was that a ship arrived at the port of Qinhuangdao to transport coal to the south, and someone came directly to Erdos to inquire about the coal price. With the recovery of demand, the coal storage in the three major ports of Qinhuangdao has returned to the normal inventory level of 6million tons since this month

however, what worries Zhang Bin is that this year, the imported coal is of high quality, and the South uses rainwater to generate electricity, which also leads to the decline in the demand for coal in Ordos. "We are looking forward to the introduction of the coal electricity price merger plan, which is good news for the development of the industry."

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