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The real economy presents a new situation, and "made in China" ushers in three major benefits

at present, China is accelerating the implementation of "made in China 2025" and further promoting the implementation of the strategy of intelligent manufacturing and "manufacturing power". In order to grasp the rare new opportunities in the era of science and technology, China urgently needs to strengthen the development momentum of the real economy. With the arrival of 2018, the three favorable situations have also been clarified one after another

for a country's economy, the real economy is its important foundation. Today, the global economic development has gradually entered a deep transition period, and China has ushered in a great opportunity to strengthen its core competitiveness and speed up "overtaking on Curves". Supported by the concept of innovation driven in the new era, with the rise of the fourth industrial revolution advocating environmental protection and green policy guidance, China's real economy has shown a new trend

looking back on 2017, automation and intelligence continued to advance, and the upgrading of the manufacturing industry continued to accelerate; Looking forward to 2018, "made in China" will reap three benefits: tax reduction and fee reduction, quality and efficiency improvement, and reform and innovation. The leaping road of China's real economy is becoming more and more open in thorns and flowers

tax reduction and fee reduction reduce the burden of manufacturing enterprises

in the manufacturing field, tax pressure is the "headache" of many enterprises. In 2018, when "made in China 2025" is advancing in depth and the implementation of the 13th five year plan is accelerated, tax reduction and fee reduction will still be an important work. Continuing to implement tax cuts and fee reductions will play a more obvious role in the optimization and upgrading of the real economy

in fact, the central economic work conference held in December 2017 made specific arrangements for this. The meeting stressed the need to vigorously reduce the cost of the real economy, reduce institutional transaction costs, continue to clean up enterprise related charges, deepen the reform of power, oil and gas, railway and other industries, and reduce the cost of energy use and logistics

in addition, the national fiscal work conference and the national tax work conference also pointed out that the tax reduction and fee reduction policies will continue to be implemented to further reduce the burden on enterprises and better promote the innovative development of the manufacturing industry

at present, the first step of the new year has been taken to reduce taxes and fees. The notice on matters related to the suspension of the collection of sewage charges and other administrative fees jointly issued by the Ministry of Finance and other four ministries and commissions makes it clear that from January 1, 2018, the unified suspension of the collection of sewage charges and marine engineering sewage charges will be implemented nationwide

at the same time, in local provinces and cities, a new round of tax and fee reduction measures also began to speed up planning. According to the analysis of insiders, compared with 2017 f) automatic calibration: the system can automatically calibrate the accuracy of indication;, This year's tax cuts and fee reductions will still focus on the real economy, especially advanced manufacturing and other high-tech manufacturing industries

improve quality and efficiency, strengthen the foundation of manufacturing field

once upon a time, Chinese people went overseas only to purchase toilets; Once upon a time, a small ball point pen core became a difficult technical problem in China. Fortunately, "made in China" has learned from experience and is constantly accelerating quality upgrading. From winning by quantity to winning by quality, the development concept of China's real economy has undergone a transformation

at present, the frontier technology fields with artificial intelligence, IOT, big data and cloud computing as the core are accelerating, and emerging technology industries such as autonomous vehicle, robots and unmanned aerial vehicles continue to grow. For China's manufacturing field, the need to promote quality improvement, brand building and service optimization is increasingly urgent

aiming at improving quality and efficiency, by introducing IOT technology and industrial robots, traditional factories have accelerated the transformation to intelligent factories, and production efficiency and product quality have been continuously upgraded; For improving quality and efficiency, with the help of industrial interconnection, many enterprises have achieved lean production and precise management, can fully customize orders on a large scale, and increase efficiency reserves...

in October 2017, the head of the Ministry of industry and information technology, when introducing the industrial operation in the first three quarters, specifically pointed out that the quality and efficiency improvement of the manufacturing industry in the first three quarters was obvious. According to the survey of the Ministry of industry and information technology, in the past five years, the average production efficiency of Chinese enterprises has increased by more than 30%, and the operating cost has decreased by about 20%, with remarkable results

at the central economic work conference held in December 2017, "high-quality development" became a high-frequency word. Since then, high-quality development, quality improvement and efficiency increase will run through the development process of all industries in China's real economy, laying a solid foundation for the building of "quality China"

change and innovation seize the future of intelligent manufacturing

under the current situation of the outbreak of science and technology, innovation is playing an increasingly prominent role in the development of the real economy and the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. In order to realize the great dream of "innovation power" and "intelligent manufacturing power", we should not only catch up with and surpass the existing technology, but also make continuous breakthroughs in new technology, so as to win the "voice" in the future under the increasingly fierce international competition

in the past year, China's progress in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing should first cut off the power supply. From the first domestic aircraft carrier to the "Fuxing" high-speed railway, which refreshes the operation speed, from the domestic large aircraft C919 to the world's first optical quantum computer, the innovation strength of "made in China" has been continuously improved, and the technology transformation ability has been continuously enhanced, reflecting China's strong and self-confidence in R & D innovation and core technology

not only that, at present, China has also made great progress in key figures such as R & D funds, the number of papers, technical patents, and even surpassed them. Of course, it is undeniable that in many sophisticated fields, China still has a long way to go, and there are still many shortcomings to be filled. Therefore, China needs to continue to inject strong vitality into innovation and continue to promote changes in various fields, so as to promote the comprehensive transformation of the manufacturing industry and seize the opportunity on the road of intelligent manufacturing

focus on developing wide band gap semiconductor silicon carbide single crystal substrate materials and power devices, gallium nitride crystals, electronic information ceramics and components, large-size silicon materials for integrated circuits, high-purity metal and alloy sputtering targets, high-performance single crystal copper bonding leads, copper clad laminates, laser crystals for additive manufacturing, large-size diamond single crystal materials, diamond/copper high thermal conductivity composites, high thermal conductivity electronic packaging materials, semiconductor packaging materials The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of industry and information technology has said that he will strengthen efforts to guide manufacturing enterprises to increase innovation, improve quality and brand building, and seize the voice of the global market. According to the work deployment of the Ministry of industry and information technology, intelligent manufacturing will be an important starting point for realizing the integration of manufacturing and interconnection in the medium and long term in the future and comprehensively improving the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry. In the future, scientific and technological innovation focusing on intelligent manufacturing is expected to become an inexhaustible driving force for the development of China's real economy

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