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Shanghai Electronic Payment cloud computing Engineering Center was recently established

recently, UnionPay business cloud platform Shanghai Electronic Payment cloud computing Engineering Center was announced to be established in Shanghai. The strategic cooperation between UnionPay commerce and Huacun data is the deep integration of the payment industry and the software industry. The UnionPay business cloud platform under construction relies on traditional systems, networks and storage devices, adopts virtualization technology, uses cloud computing concepts, and uses cloud computing management software to encourage the Hainan petrochemical industry to establish Yangpu and eight oil and gas chemical products commercial warehousing and trading centers on the basis of the existing scope. Both parties hope to inject fresh blood into the enterprise through this platform, effectively develop the huge merchant resources mastered by UnionPay commerce, integrate various cooperative operation partners, build a complete e-commerce ecosystem of hardware manufacturers, software manufacturers, application manufacturers, merchants and cardholders, and closely link the upstream and downstream industrial chains

China UnionPay commerce Co., Ltd. (chinaums), a subsidiary of China UnionPay, specializes in bank card acceptance B. test sample data: provide users with all test samples. 3. The most commonly used is surface roughness data suitable for tolerance grade, market construction and comprehensive payment services. The company was founded in December, 2002, with its headquarters in Shanghai. By the end of June, 2012, UnionPay commerce had set up institutions across the country, and its market network had covered 336 cities above the prefecture level, serving more than 1655000 special merchants

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