The hottest Shanghai glue fell again

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Shanghai glue fell again

the glue price rebounded slightly this week, and there was no substantial positive factor in the market to support the rise of glue price. The main contract tentatively rebounded to 19000 yuan on Tuesday, but it did not stand firm effectively. At present, the natural rubber market as a whole is still in a downward trend. After the early rebound, the falling space of Shanghai rubber futures has been opened again. It seems that if the rubber price really wants to stabilize, it will wait until the early operation of the first quarter of 2007 is relatively smooth, then the cut-off period will be stopped

this year's No. 20 typhoon simalun, which was brewing in the South China Sea last Thursday, finally weakened with the transfer and automatic weakening of the cyclone, and it will emit an unpleasant smell when heated. Hainan, the main natural rubber production area in China, did not pose any substantive impact. With the continuous dry weather in Thailand, the main production area in the international market, the rainy season did not affect the production of natural rubber, and the off-season was not light, Finally, the centralized listing of a large number of spot goods has formed a downward pressure on the price of natural rubber

Shanghai Jiao futures fell continuously, and the futures price once again approached the low point area of the previous period. Among them, the spot monthly contract has fallen below the low point of the previous period, and there are obvious signs of weakness in the Shanghai Jiao market. The strong recovery represented by the main contract ru701 in the previous period, accompanied by the decline in the position, shows that the bulls have begun to give up gradually. Under the background of the heavy fundamentals, the rise of Shanghai Jiao futures market is slightly heavy, Finally, it will be reintroduced into a new way to find the bottom. In terms of spot in domestic production areas, Hainan, the main production area, continues to adopt the strategy of continuous low hanging. As of Monday, the average transaction price of spot in Hainan has fallen below the integer mark of 18000 yuan/ton. As of Monday, the average transaction price of domestic No. 5 standard glue in Hainan's main production area has fallen to 17850 yuan/ton, and the transaction volume has only remained 84 tons. It can be seen that after losing the support of cash market and paying attention to turning off the main motor source profit buying, there are few buying orders from traditional consumer industries

in the international spot market, the main production area of Thailand RSS3 and No. 20 standard glue have been in high production recently due to the continuous dry weather. The off-season is not light, which constitutes a new feature of this year's supply market. The dry weather keeps the supply of natural rubber in Thailand, the main production area of natural rubber in the world, in a normal state. The traditional rainy season (from early October to early December) does not have a lot of precipitation, so that the production of natural rubber remains in a normal state

in terms of policy, the pressure of tariff adjustment is enveloping the natural rubber market. In the early stage, the metal market increased the export tariff of aluminum, which once led to the continuous decline of the domestic Shanghai aluminum futures price. Once the information of adjusting the import tariff is clear, the suppression of natural rubber will also be quickly reflected

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