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Shanghai Fiberglass Research Institute Co., Ltd. recently signed an investment agreement with the Dongtai municipal government of Jiangsu Province to invest in the manufacturing project of wind power blades in Dongtai City. BGI plans to invest about 150million yuan to build a production base with an annual output of 630MW wind power blades

on November 18, the Dongtai wind turbine blade project of Shanghai FRP Research Institute held a commencement ceremony. Shanghai FRP Research Institute said that it would invest 150million yuan in the Dongtai new wind turbine blade project, and then make an intuitive evaluation to provide high-quality wind turbine blade supporting products for Shanghai electric wind power equipment. After the completion of the project, the annual production capacity of 630 MW fan blades can be formed, and the sales of plastic blow molding machines will continue to introduce advanced technology of more than 360million yuan

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