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Shanghai enterprises join hands to build the world's first artificial intelligence mine people's Shanghai, August 8 (Shen Wenmin) today, on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the "the Belt and Road" initiative, Mount Everest, a Chinese lead-zinc industry giant and large mining multinational group headquartered in Shanghai, jointly announced the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with Xijing technology, a Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Science and technology innovation enterprise, How to distinguish and jointly build the world's first global artificial intelligence mine along the "the Belt and Road"

it is reported that the global artificial intelligence mine that the two sides will jointly build is located in Tajikistan in Central Asia. Tazhong mining, a subsidiary of Mount Everest in Tibet, is currently the largest Chinese funded enterprise in Tajikistan and is also a model project under the SCO economic and trade cooperation framework; At present, it is not only the largest cooperation project in the mining field between China and Tajikistan, but also a benchmark enterprise in China's national strategic layout of the "the Belt and Road". The mine has lead-zinc resources of more than 100 million tons and 6 million metal tons, which is the most strategic metal mine resources obtained by Chinese enterprises in Central Asia

through the construction, transformation and integration of software and hardware, tibet everest and Xijing technology will work together to gradually realize new energy driverless transportation, artificial intelligent scheduling, artificial intelligent supervision and artificial intelligent unmanned mining inside and outside the mine

in the future, the two sides will build products including mine artificial intelligence unmanned transfer vehicle, underground artificial intelligence unmanned vehicle, artificial intelligence unmanned mining equipment, artificial intelligence mine scheduling system, artificial intelligence image recognition mine intelligent monitoring and management system, unmanned mining artificial intelligence management system and so on, covering all links of the whole mine operation, and jointly building the world's first global intelligent mine

according to the relevant person in charge of tibet everest, tibet everest Resources Co., Ltd. is a resource listed enterprise headquartered in Shanghai, which focuses on mineral resources investment and operation, mining finance and trade. Based on the rich mineral resources in Western China, the company focuses on Central Asia and other surrounding countries and regions, and has become a large multinational mining group with a leading position in the industry and strong competitive advantages in Central Asia

at present, the mining industry is in urgent need of intelligent upgrading of cutting-edge technologies represented by artificial intelligence due to rising labor costs, labor shortages and production safety

this year is the fifth anniversary of the "the Belt and Road" initiative. In the new era, Mount Everest in Tibet, as the pacesetter of China's "the Belt and Road" and the representative of domestic mining enterprises, has always put safety, efficiency and science and technology into practice. This time, we choose to cooperate with Xijing technology, the world's leading AI industry solution provider, in the hope of learning from the success of Xijing technology in the field of global AI smart port. 2. How to reduce the error experience of pressure testing machine, and finally help Mount Everest in Tibet realize the world's first truly full AI smart mine

relevant people of Xijing technology said that as a key AI enterprise in Shanghai, the company has been committed to putting self-developed AI chips + algorithms into vertical industry applications since its inception. At the same time, the company has always responded to the "the Belt and Road" initiative, and has made remarkable achievements in the actual implementation of artificial intelligence in the field of ports and driverless vehicles with arc height under loading and unloading to 0.7 times, 1.0 times and 1.3 times the rated load. In April 2018, the company was appointed ambassador of the United Nations "the Belt and Road" city conference by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, and attended the conference held in Vienna in October 2018 as a Chinese representative. Following the promotion of AI applications in the global port industry of the maritime Silk Road, this cooperation with tibet everest, a Chinese lead and zinc industry giant, is also a specific measure for the company to officially announce its commitment to the global AI transformation of the global mining industry and promote the application of AI on the land silk road

through the application of artificial intelligence, Xijing technology will strive to promote the reform of the entire global mining industry, make mining a safer industry in the future, promote the higher quality development of domestic mining enterprises, and serve the national supply side reform and the transformation of old and new kinetic energy. The company is also honored to work with the Chinese lead and zinc mining giant headquartered in Shanghai to jointly implement their new missions through innovative technology in the new era and realize the international output of artificial intelligence "made in Shanghai"

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